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1. What are the clothing made of?

Answer: You can check by scrolling down the the clothing you wish to check the fabric on

2. Can it be washed or ironed?

Answer: It can be washed in what ever temperature. It is recommended to iron the clothing inside out so the design does not get damaged

3. How do I know what size is right for me?

Answer: Our clothing go off of regular sizes. Any hoodie you have laying at home that fits you will be the exact size as ours.

4. Do you ship Worldwide?

Answer: Yes we do for $4

5. Do you accept returns?

Answer: Yes we do. Simply ship the clothing you purchased to the location you have been sent to get a refund with a $8-$12 dollar fee.

6. I have a question that is not here?

Answer: Contact us at or on instagram:remarkclothing_ and we will get back at you with 24 hours.